Thursday, November 3, 2011

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

OC is the place to beee!!!

Hello again!

I know… Long time no post!!! But it was so predictable that I wouldn’t write so much after a while… :P with all the parties (we bought speakers!!!), shopping & sunbathing I really didn’t have much time for internet, but for a few e-bay bids, uploading pictures to FB & videochatting with CIUCIIIIIIII (I love the way he hates me calling him like that :P).
So, this post is to let all the students know that there’s no better place for Work & Travel than OC!!! And I’m not saying this for bragging, because I actually talked to other students from other locations too and they were not so enthusiastic as I was.

So here are the reasons why you should choose OC for the summer:
1)      There are thousands of students here and the locals know about them and they organize various accommodation meetings from them so it’s impossible not to know everything you need to know in the very first days and everyone knows how important is to be informed in foreign places.
2)      There are freaking awesome outlets here where you can buy designer clothes starting from 3 bucks!!! And Delaware is 18 streets away from my house… NO TAXES BABY!!!
3)      Thanks to the City Council students can get free meals & groceries everyday from a different church. Trust me, it’s essential if you don’t get food at you’re job. Lucky me with the Carousel job :P
4)      The housing is pretty awesome! They usually try to put people of the same nations in a house which is good, since I know people who only live with Russians for example and if you’re the only one who doesn’t speak the language it’s not like they’re going to speak English all the time for you only.
5)      There are many student centers around here and they organize student trips to all the famous places. Niagara Falls, for example, is around 80$ with accommodation and meals as far as I know.
6)      This is a place for tourists and everyone’s casual around here. It’s ok to go to clubs or to find 2nd jobs in flip-flops :P
7)      The Ocean is everywhere around you here and it’s freaking awesome to walk to the beach for like one minute whenever you want!!!
8)      The people are always very nice to you because they’re here on vacation and they come here to relax and forget about their problems.
9)      We’ve got an awesome ocean breeze here!! It’s almost never too hot to go outside because of the breeze and you can also get a nice tan without sweating :P
10)  It’s very easy to find your way here. The streets are numbered from 1 to 145 so you don’t even have to remember street names when you’re looking for a certain place.

Hugs and kisses guys! By the way, miss you all!!! But it’s not like I wanna come home too soon :D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Home...

Hello again!!!
So on Saturday night we moved to our new home and guess what? It's freaking awesome!!! (video) The only problem is that we still don't have internet here... However, I love it here, it's really close to my job and it has a huge living-room which is ideal for the parties I have in mind :P
By the way, I've also found a second job!!! I'm gonna be a waitress in a pizza place and I'm starting on Monday. But getting back to the fact that we moved on Saturday night... that night we also had a few guests over and since me & Reka were the only ones in this huge house we celebrated with a Grey Goose. The only problem was that I didn't get to sleep at all so at 5:30 I just went to do my morning jogging and at 7 a.m. I was at work already... until 5 p.m. That was definitely a tough day for me :D
OK... It's kinda of freezing at McDonald's (I cannot stand this freaking 70 grade A/C) so gotta leave ya guys. See ya!!! :*

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ocean City Boardwalk


Hello again! :* So now I have internet at home, but I think I'm gonna post less since I'm starting to get really busy. I might have found a second job but it's on the boardwalk, which means I should go always by bus from the apartment where I'm gonna live starting with the 11th of June. Btw, today I was late for work :)) And that's not funny... I went out last night with some work friends, we had a few drinks in different places (SEACRETS as well - holy shit, they put this song too ) and this morning I couldn't hear the alarm clock and I got up at 9 and I was supposed to be at work at 7 but everything has been solved eventually :) OK, I've got some pizza waiting for me on the table so I need to join the other guys. Hugs & Kisses!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello everyone again! My internet connection is still not working but I absolutely have to let you know how much I love it here!!!
At first there were like only neutral thoughts passing through my mind since I could not see anything special around here, I mean I’ve been watching American TV Shows for ages and I knew how it was supposed to be. I guess I just wasn’t prepared to enjoy my stay here without finding a 2nd job first. But now I’m much more positive about it: I’ll be working 40 hours/week at my 1st job so it should be enough for now.
Another thing that boosted my serotonin were the Irish guys. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about looks or sex appeal, I’m talking about their spirit. They’re here to relax and party and they don’t even want a 2nd job, since “it’s way to good hanging around here”. But you know what?! Damn those Irish bastards!!! (no offense) They all arrived here without contracts, jobs or accommodation and they got a job as soon as they entered the first place. It must be because they’re native speakers, but it might be their shamrock as well: how lucky can you be to see an airplane flying around with a job offer advertisement, call the number and immediately get the job??? :D
What I absolutely have to tell you about is the first taste of the American Dream; I mean the stuff you see in the movies. Yesterday I cruised down the highway with a convertible Mustang, with the ocean on one side, with the wind through my hair, loud rap music, a delicious milkshake and the lights of the waking city in the night. AWEEESOOOOME!!! I’ve also passed in front of OC’s most famous club called Seacrets where they usually have live bands, reggae & hip hop music with at least 5 different chambers.
One of the funny aspects of these days: sometimes people call me MA’AM :D:D:D:D “Would you like a table for 2? Yes, Ma’am” :D:D:D Or another thing, I started picking up accents, so I sometimes just realize that I pronounce some words with a pretty southern or black accent. Oh, and when I speak Spanish to the Mexicans I kind of need a few moments to switch from the American to Spanish and at the beginning I kind of have that typical American accent like when they say MUCHOU DINEROU :D
What I’ve learnt, that you shouldn’t do in the US, is making racist jokes!!! I did some and the reaction was not really the one I expected, even if the black guys who I was talking to were pretty open-minded…
By the way, did you know there were thousands of Work & Travel students in OC??? I certainly didn’t know this before applying for my job here. This could be my 2nd Erasmus with all the foreign people I’ve met here around!!!  I mean when I went to the Social Security Administration we were like at least 100 and I was told that that’s the usual number of students that apply for the SSN every single day. And while we were waiting outside to be called in for our application most of us got a pretty sunburn as a bonus during those 4 hours out there.
About my job all I can tell you is that I really like: I receive fresh fruit and even desert with my lunch, I’ve got chill managers, awesome colleagues and I got to see how fast-food is actually made since I've been outside at the grill these days (I’m not gonna ever eat such things again!!!)
Have a nice day everyone and keep in touch!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

About OC and America in General

After my second day at work I decided not to care about the second job, I know I'll find it eventually but for now I should enjoy my free time on the beach and around here with the other students because after the second job there won't be that much fun anymore. Oh, and after that decision I ate the most yummilicious ice cream from the Candy Kitchen for 4 bucks :P

Here are a few things that immediately struck me in OC:
1. The taxes you pay beside the prices you see. It's shocking for me to see "5$ for a sandwich" and then to pay 6% more because the prices never include the taxes which are 6% in Maryland, but luckily Delaware is close and there are no taxes there.
2. The unusual (perhaps for me only) shape of the cars: they're longer, higher or much bigger :))
3. The people here almost consider it rude not to ask them HOW ARE YOU? after the usual HI /HELLO.
4. Americans are nice & chatty, but only in 50% of the cases will they initiate the conversation; after that get prepared for some serious small talk. They might show you even the picture of their dog :P Btw, those who will initiate the conversation will probably be at your service :)) (in restaurants, shops, etc.)
5. The Ocean is beautiful here, but you're not allowed to go on the beach with your shoes on and being topless or wearing a thong is illegal. (There are many kids around.)
6. The policemen are usually riding a horse on the boardwalk :P
7. Fast-food is much cheaper than buying stuff at the groceries and cooking it by yourself... and there are always discounts for the peanut-butter-based sweets :))
8. The A/C in the buses is at the maximum at you're basically freezing in there in your lil summer dress.
9. The typical "I've got no change" of the bus drivers from the movies sounds exactly like that in reality as well so you'd better always have one dollar paper bills on you.
10. Everyone loves my tattoo :D:D:D Random people on the beach or in the hotel tell me that every time :))

TIPS for newcomers:
-if you don't have a sure accomodation yet don't worry, there are plenty of luxury houses available at the same prize as those offered by the agencies for the students
-finding a job is not easy and they prefer Americans or students who already have a Social Security Number so make sure you like the job offered by the agency
-bring enough cash with you since there are many unpredictable expenses until your first paycheck
-bring an unlocked phone as I already mentioned
-bring as many consumable things as possible with you, since you can anyway bring 2 pieces of luggage for free (shampoo, toothpaste, coffee and all the crap you'll need 'cause they cost a lot here and you don't want to spend all your money on those things before your 1st paycheck - the Moldavians brought even rice with them)
That's it for today! Hugs and kisses to everyone, and especially to those kind enough to send me nice messages, like Alinutza and Florin.This is my number (1)410-845-3828, so feel free to contact me if you have questions or doubts or just to say hello when you're in the US. :*

Thursday, June 2, 2011

American Experience - My 1st Working Day

I did my best to wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning to do some jogging in front of the big O and I'm very proud that I managed to do that, although I'm not sure I'll be able to repeat that experience as often as I'd wish :D It was refreshing and the 'hello' and smile of the other joggers made my day. Then I headed back to take a shower and I ate something that I'd call an "extremely light breakfast", in other words, cereals and milk. The salty bread I'm used to is way too expensive here :)) And then I took the bus, for which I waited a few minutes and I was afraid I'd be late for my first day of work, but I got there in time :P Today I met the second friendly face from around here, she's a nice blondy from Moldavia called Olga. She shared me her hosstess/cashier knowledge and then we started working, aka chatting until around 9 since the guests were too lazy to wake up for breakfast. I'm very satisfied with my job, it's easy, well-paid and I also get a rich lunch, which saves me from the all-day-long fast-food life. However, I only work 5 hours a day, so I need to find a second job as soon as possible. I started looking for it right away, but I immediately realized I needed a phone first since my first potential employer wanted to write down my name and phone number and all I had was an e-mail address :D TIP: if you also come to the US bring an unlocked phone. Unfortunately I didn't and I had to pay 50$ for a crappy one and other 15 for the sim card and other 40 for an option with unlimited voice in the US, unlimited texts everywhere and no charge for being called. I also received a bonus of 10$ to call home but nobody answered since it was probably after midnight. Shame on you, teddy bear! I tried to call you too and you were not reachable. Not even on your home number!!!
So... today I didn't do much after work, I mostly went up and down on the highway to look for a cheap phone and then when I couldn't wait for a nice dip it got really windy so I only took some pictures and headed back home.
Well.... that's it for today... I  still don't have internet so I won't be posting again very soon. Hugs & kissses!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

American Experience - Day 1

Hey everyone! I finally arrived to Ocean City after a pretty long journey and last night I've seen the Ocean for the first time.
I've been travelling for more than 30 hours: 7 hours to Budapest, 1 to Munich, 9 to Washington DC, and 4-5 to Ocean City with many waiting lines in between.
It was an interesting experience to arrive to the district capital without anyone waiting for me there as it was supposed to be :)) I called my representative and all I managed to do was leave him a desperate voice message. Then I decided to buy a 10$ card for the public phones to call the emergency number from my brochure: that was not helpful!!! :)) I gave them every single possible information about me, they kept me waiting on the line and then they told me: you have to retry calling your representative, we cannot help you :))))) That was a very comforting moment of my life :P NOOOT!!! And by the way, they called me today, after 24 hours to ask me if I was OK :)) However, then my area representative finally answered, he told me I had to wait around 3 hours until other students arrived too and then we left for Ocean City. We left with a typical American School Bus full of Russian and Irish guys and Reka, the first friendly face from Tg. Mures. We've seen the White House on our way here and then all I can remember was Zzzz... 'cause I instantly fell asleep on the bus after watching the highway for a few seconds.
I still haven't interracted much with the people, I mostly spoke to the other students who are here to work and they seemed satisfied with the location (many have already been here before).
I've been shopping for work clothes since I need to match my work T-shirt with kaki shorts and white shoes with white socks :P I also went to buy some groceries and then I understood why most of the Americans are overweight: eating healthy is daaaamn expensive here!!! So why bother to shop & cook when you have all that fast-food around?
Today was a pretty busy day, I also opened up a bank account at the Bank of America.... and many other stuff... but to tell you the truth I'm starting to feel the different time zone since it's only 9 p.m. here and I'm daaamn tired! And tomorrow I start working at 7 a.m. :(
That's it for today...
Wish me good luck to have a nice schedule tomorrow and to find a second job soooon!

Hugs & Kisses,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Va astept cu drag si cu accesorii noi, cu tot cu oferta 1 + 1 GRATIS valabila in continuare, sambata, pe data de 21 mai, intre orele 11:00-20:00, la FUNKY BAZAAR!!! Have a sweet & sexy & of course creative day everyone!!!

Who loves creativity when it comes to shoes?!?!

Cute animals and other adorable stuff, all incorporated in Kobi Levi's SHOOOES!!! How awesome would be to wear these high heels on the street and admire the shocked smiley faces around?? :))

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dragii mei vizitatori,

cum multi dintre voi stiti deja, la sfarsitul lunii voi pleca peste ocean si nu ma voi mai ocupa de handmade pentru o vreme buna, ceea ce, of ocurse, pentru margelutele mele inseamna lichidare de stoc. Profitati de ocazie si cumparati orice accesoriu Andi's Cherry Waves la oferta 1 + 1, ergo, din doua accesorii veti plati doar pretul celui de al doilea (mai ieftin) si va veti putea bucura de 2 accesorii la pretul unuia singur!!! Pentru a vedea accesoriile care mi-au ramas si pretul lor vizitati magazinul meu online facand un click aici.